Dallas Bathtub Refinishing Services Chemical Weld

Dallas Bathtub Refinishing Chemical Weld

Dallas Bathtub Refinishing Services

Dallas Bathtub Refinishing Services chemically welds a new surface into the old surface. Please know this is the same coating and silane coupling agent used by me for bathtub, tile and shower refinishing. This was only 1-2 coats of the polyester water proof coating, whereas a customers bathtub refinishing project would have a film thickness equal to 7 - 9 coats. I was testing the bond, or chemical weld of the silane and not the thickness of the top coat. I applied silane to a 9" X 9" ceramic tile, then applied the polyester surface to the tile. I allowed the tile to cure for 36 hours. The tile was placed in a stainless steel pan of hot water over 120(F) for over 30 minutes during which time the heat source continued to heat the water until the thermometer reached 180(F) then quickly thereafter the water began to boil the test tile for 10 minutes. I then turned the heat source down, allowed to cool while in water sitting on the hot electric burner for about 10 minutes. The pan was then moved off the hot burner and the tile was allowed to cool fully submerged for 5 hours. Less than 1 hour after removing from the water and drying I did the cross hatch adhesion test shown at the end of the video. The polyester coating passed with flying colors while remaining glossy and smooth. I expected the results because the polyester surface has been my main coating since 2018. I continue to put anything new up against the polyester chemically bonded with silane coupling agent. Polyester coating is a water proof coatings that looks great, resist chemical abrasion better than anything I have seen (please keep in mind other bathtub refinishing businesses are using paint such as epoxy or aliphatic acrylic urethane). I wanted to prove the ability of the chemical weld of the polyester surface to the customer though. I knew it was going to be great. However, it's not what I think, It is how the coating performs for the customer!

Dallas Bathtub Refinishing Services


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